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An artisanal Sejak tea with long-lasting and complex aromas. *Organic


Origin - South Korea


Green tea is called Nokcha in Korea and young tea buds are often compared to the tongue of a sparrow (Jakseol).


Sejak is a high grade green tea made from young leaves harvested in early May.  It is made by hand, following a traditional processing method. It is hand-fired in a cauldron, rolled on a straw mat and naturally dried to create a unique taste and long-lasting aroma.


Profile - The fresh dew on tea leaves coming from the sea breezes and mist create a tea with a gold green liquor, nutty aroma and a rich and sweet flavor with hints of passion fruit and iodine.


This tea originates from organic cultivation.


This single-estate tea is directly imported from Chunbo Dawon, the “Heavenly Treasured Tea Estate".

Although Korean tea is not so well known in the West, it has been grown for more than 2000 years. Legend has it that Princess Heo arrived to the shores of the Gaya Kingdom to be married, bringing tea seeds as gifts. It quickly became a ceremonial offering to Kings and to Buddhist temples, as tea helped the monks keep a calm and focused mind while meditating. Tea culture in Korea values the time spent enjoying tea and appreciating the beauty of nature and life. Chunbo Dawon is located in the Boseong tea region, on steep hills facing the ocean and exposed to southern sea winds and misty fog. Mr. Moon and his wife hand make their teas according to traditional methods and are the recipients of many awards.


*This tea originates from organic cultivation


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sejak chunbo dawon

  • Ingredients:

    green tea

  • Brewing Guide:

    1 ½ tsp/cup

    3 minutes


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