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A creamy and floral high mountain oolong. *Organic


Origin - Taiwan


This tea comes directly from the organic tea garden owned by talented teamaker Katie Yen. It is located on the steep hills of the Ching Jing Mountain area, close to the Renai Township in central Taiwan at an altitude of 1800m/6000ft. High Mountain teas (Gaoshan) such as this are particularly complex and aromatic with creamy and floral notes due to the high elevations and the difference in temperature between night and day. .


Profile - This oolong is crafted using the Qing Xin cultivar and its dry leaf is rolled in a tight half ball with a dark jade green color and mountain flower and pine notes. The infusion is a vibrant clear gold and offers floral notes of ginger lily to the nose. The mouth is then enveloped by a lingering creamy liquor that develops subtle notes of pineapple and tingling spiciness. This exquisite tea not only enchants the palate, but it also provides a spectacular and vibrant sensory experience that travels from the mouth to the nose and finishes in the throat.

*This tea originates from organic cultivation.

ching jing high mountain oolong

  • Ingredients:

    oolong tea

  • Brewing Guide:

    1 tsp/cup | 3 minutes | 99c/210f

    This tea is best steeped Gongfu style (in a gaiwan or small teapot):

    Tea: 5g of tea/100ml water

    Infusions: 1)50s - 2)40s - 3)45s and then keep adding 10s for each further infusion or more to suit your taste.

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