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"Drinking tea is a nurturing experience that allows me to slow down, connect to my senses, and savor the beauty of nature. I'm passionate about sharing the mindful ritual of tea with you!"

Claire Schlumberger, Founder of Clair Thé

Claire Schlumberger


My love for tea goes back to my early years growing up in France and continues here in Atlanta, my adopted home of two decades. 

While completing my tea sommelier education at George Brown College in Toronto, I discovered the breadth of tea knowledge across the centuries, as well as the exciting myriad ways to incorporate tea into our modern everyday life. But what I really treasure is the human connections that tea creates around the world.

Tea leaves
Tea making in Mississippi
Tea rolling in Vietnam
Tea picking in Vietnam


There is nothing I love more than to visit tea producing regions, discover the terroirs, and to meet the people behind my favorite teas. Watching these tea artisans who take pride in their craft and traditions and sharing the local culture makes me better appreciate the unique taste and character of each tea. 

My travels took me to Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam and I continue to follow the trade and trends at conferences and festivals.

Tea tasting by a lake


For me, tea represents purity and harmony. Each cup of tea contains the five elements of nature and helps me remember to be mindful and enjoy the beauty of nature and life. Tea brings relaxation and clarity of mind- hence the name clair thé (a play on clarté, clarity in French). 

Clair Thé’s mission is grounded in a respect and appreciation for the tea growing traditions of the world. We only offer teas with natural ingredients and many of our teas are sourced from single-estate gardens, grown from organic or natural cultivation and crafted by tea artisans. We value ethical standards and fostering strong communities.

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