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A delicate and unique first flush black tea. *Organic


Origin - India


This very unique tea is from the Bihar region in northern India. It borders Nepal and Darjeeling to the South but at a much lower elevation. The lush fields of this tea garden are irrigated by the nearby Doke river. Bihar is a relatively new tea region and the Lochan family has developed their own unique style of teas, while still using artisanal methods. The family is very committed to the well-being and educational opportunities of their workers.


Profile - This black tea is processed from leaves picked during the first flush and delivers a medium body with sweet maltiness and fruity notes of lychee and buttery cookie.


*This tea originates from organic cultivation.

doke black fusion

  • Ingredients:

    Black tea

  • Brewing Guide:

    1 ½ tsp/cup

    3 minutes


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