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An aromatic Black Tea from the Nilgiris


Origin - India


The Nilgiris or Blue Mountains are a beautiful area of high rolling hills in southern India, the second largest tea producing region of India after Assam, relying on smallholder tea farmers. This tea has been crafted by the Tea Studio, an innovative tea factory, created by a team of tea experts from 3 different continents. Their experience, the region’s traditions and terroir as well as their strong vision for sustainable green practices and women empowerment result in fine artisan teas. The management and entire workforce are local women from families that have been growing tea leaves for generations. By giving them the power of decision, it has redefined the role women play in tea making. The Head of Operations is Muskan Khanna, and you can read here about her unique tea journey.


Profile - This tea has beautifully crafted large and tightly rolled long strands of delicate leaves that unfurl to produce an amber liquor with medium body. This light but extremely aromatic, malty, and structured black tea offers notes of sweet potatoes, peppers and candied papaya. It opens up in a floral bouquet of orange blossoms.


nilgiri coonoor

  • Ingredients:

    Black tea

  • Brewing Guide:


    3 minutes


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