An aromatic Darjeeling Second Flush. 


Origin - India


Darjeeling means “land of the thunderbolt” and lies in Northern India at the foot of the Himalayas. The Giddapahar estate is a family owned tea garden in the Kurseong valley. Giddapahar translates to eagle’s cliff and its location high in the mountains (5000ft/1500m) benefits from cool winters and rainy springs and provides delicate and aromatic teas. This second “flush” consists of leaves harvested in the late spring, then oxidized as a black tea. It is more oxidized than a first flush but still contains some green leaves.


Profile - This tea has fine brown and olive-green leaves and produces a dark amber liquor offering a bouquet of aromas. The layers of ripe peach and muscatel grapes are deepened by sandal wood notes and provide a long finish.


darjeeling giddapahar second flush

  • Ingredients:

    Black tea

  • Brewing Guide:


    3 minutes