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Highlight on Korean Tea and Visit with Mr. Moon at Chunbo Dawon

Chunbo Dawon or Heavenly Treasured Tea Estate

Mr. Moon has an infectious smile and a warm and welcoming personality. He and his wife make you feel like friends the minute you arrive into their corner of paradise and start brewing tea for you.

Chunbo Dawon literally means the “Heavenly Treasured Tea Estate”. Tucked in a remote valley, at the very end of a windy and narrow road crossing rice fields and then ascending steep hills facing the ocean, you leave fast-paced life behind and step back in time.

Tea here is grown organically and processed according to traditional methods.

At the junction of ocean and mountains, the southern sea winds encounter mountain climate that create cool and misty conditions forging the very specific character of the tea in Boseong.

At the junction of ocean and mountains

Although Korean tea is not so well known in the West, it has been grown for more than 2000 years.

Legend has it that Princess Heo arrived to the shores of the Gaya Kingdom to be married, bringing tea seeds as gifts.

It quickly became a ceremonial offering to Kings and to Buddhist temples, as tea helped the monks keep a calm and focused mind while meditating.

Tea culture in Korea values the time spent enjoying tea and appreciating the beauty of nature and life.Tea ceremonies are intended to bring peace and harmony to all participants.

Mr. Moon demonstrating his technique in the tea factory

We carry two exceptional teas from Chunbo Dawon:

Our Sejak is a high grade green tea made from young tea leaves harvested in early May.

Did you know that Green tea is called Nokcha in Korea and young tea buds are often compared to the tongue of a sparrow (Jakseol)?

The leaves are hand-fired in a cauldron, rolled on a straw mat and naturally dried to create a unique taste and long-lasting aroma.

The fresh dew coming from the sea breezes and mist nourish the tea leaves and create a tea with a gold green liquor, nutty aroma and a rich and sweet flavor with hints of passion fruit and iodine.

Reconnecting at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas

Mr. Moon dedicates all his attention to our exceptional 1st Flush Black Tea, plucking the young leaves by hand around April 20.

The leaves are processed as a traditional Hong Cha, meaning “red tea”, as this is the name used in Korea to characterize the color of the liquor.

It results in a very complex and buttery tea with chocolate and vanilla notes. The layers of toasty nuttiness and sweet fruits are deepened by hints of rose geranium.

A fine cup of Sejak with traditional Korean teaware

This premium tea can be brewed the western way in a teapot or mug but will better release all its flavors if brewed in a small teapot or gaiwan (a Chinese lidded bowl). A larger amount of tea is used for a small amount of water, thus allowing several consequent brews. It is a relaxing practice that lets the tea unfurl and release its complex aromatic compounds.

Sejak: Measure 3 g (1 ½tsp) of tea and brew for 2 minutes in 150ml | 5oz water at 75c | 170f - Pour the tea in a container and brew 2 more times.

1st Flush Black Tea: Measure 3 g (1 ½tsp) of tea and brew for 2 minutes in 150ml | 5oz water at 95c | 203f - Pour the tea in a container and brew 2 more times.


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