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The 10 Best Tea Spots in Atlanta

Atlanta has a vibrant culture, Southern charm, and a rich tea history. The city's tea culture thrives from traditional sweet tea to modern tea bars. Atlanta offers something special for everyone. Whether you're a long-time tea lover or new to the world of tea, you can find the right place for you.

History of Tea in Atlanta

Atlanta's connection to tea dates back to its British origins. The Province of Georgia was created in 1732 and became a British royal colony in 1752. It was named after King George II of Great Britain. The Georgia Colony had strong British cultural influences, including tea drinking.

Sweet tea became a staple in Southern households in the 19th century as refrigeration became more available and brought respite from the heat and humidity. Named “Nectar of the South” or “Table Wine of the South”, it was made with black tea and generous amounts of sugar. Sweet tea reflects Southern hospitality and is still very effective at helping people cope with Atlanta’s hot summers. These Southern traditions influenced Atlanta's tea culture and iced tea is still very prevalent.

Atlanta's multicultural food scene

A chalkboard with tea written in many languages

However, Atlanta’s unique situation as a domestic and international hub has brought a rich cultural and culinary diversity to the capital of the Southeast. Built as a train terminus to the Atlantic railroad line (the origin of the city’s name), Atlanta is now recognized as a multicultural thriving culinary scene with ties to the past.

Let us take you to some of its best tea spots. Whether brick and mortar or online stores, they all offer a rich loose-leaf tea offerings, teaware, tea tastings and local events. Long gone are the days of the sad tea bag!

After calling Atlanta my home for over 20 years and getting to know the tea community here, I’m passionate about sharing what the city has to offer. Come with me and enjoy Atlanta’s diversity:

Atlanta's tea spots:

 In operation since 1945, a time when enterprising women (often war widows) had to call their restaurants “Tea Rooms” for social acceptance, this legendary midtown Atlanta establishment offers Southern cuisine staples with generous servings of sweet tea in a historic place adorned with photos of all its famous patrons.

2.    The Ginger Room:

 Karl’s English background and Angela’s southern roots create the best high tea experience. Their sunny personality and warm welcome are paired only by their gorgeous collection of antique teaware and furniture. Indulge in Dr. Karl’s own scone’s recipe, local and international teas served in individual teapots and other local delicacies in the cutest and oldest building in Alpharetta. A selection of Clair Thé teas are available to sip on and to shop in this beautiful setting.

3.     Just Add Honey:

Brandi, aka the Tea Lady, opened her teashop with the vision of offering unique fresh and delicious tea blends. Located in the hip Old Fourth Ward on the trendy Beltline, go for a stroll and stop by to try their many different offerings or plan to take a tea blending class!

4.     Clair Thé:

French native Claire travelled the world to bring back single garden artisanal teas. The advent of e-commerce tea shopping introduces Atlantans to teas with a greater international culture. You can shop her well curated online shop for specialty teas and unique blends with a French twist. You can also visit her booth at the Vinings Farmers’ Market, local events or book tea tastings.

5.     St. Regis:

For a sophisticated and elegant high tea, the St. Regis in Buckhead Atlanta is a well-known address. For a special occasion, the Astor Court will spoil you with great service, delicious treats and individual tea service. You can even add champagne!

6.     The Chai Box:

Growing up in an Indian household, Monica started drinking chai as a toddler and mixing her own blends as a teenager. Family teatime is very special to her and her Marietta based company now provides original chai blends for sale online and at special events. She offers classes on how to brew a real cup of chai and on how to make your own blend.

Courtney, Liz and Jerry launched their café and market in a cute historic bungalow in the Reynoldstown neighborhood in East Atlanta, settled by free slaves after the Civil War. Their space is designed as a neighborhood place to bring the community together sipping while shopping local, women and minority owned crafts. They brew a selection of Clair Thé teas to enjoy in this cozy setting.

8.     Matcha Café Maiko:

A true Japanese café located on Buford Highway, once called by the Atlanta Constitutional Journal the “Global Bazaar of the South”, home to one of the most concentrated foreign-born populations in the country. They offer sweet treats and teas including matcha and hojicha from Uji, Japan.

A family-owned business, Patrick Ewe and now his children, originally from Malaysia, wanted to share their love of Asian bakeries with a larger public that might be intimidated. They chose Buford Highway as their base and introduced Atlanta to bubble tea. Choose your pastries from a wide display, pick your (bubble) tea and relax in their modern and sleek café space.

In an atmosphere of Korean Wave (or Hallyu) this cozy Korean mom and pop café offers a warm and cute space with many wood accents to relax after your shopping at adjacent Hmart in Duluth. You can feast on Korean bread specialties (bbang) while indulging in Korean tea specialties such as honey ginger or citron tea.

Any tea experience in Atlanta is an opportunity to taste a blend of tradition and modernity. Clair Thé is proud to call Atlanta home. There's something for every tea lover here!


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