A modern, sleek and stylish teapot that is easy to use and clean with a perfect pour.

A basket infuser with handle lets you infuse your teas without burning your fingers. It is spacious enough to let your large leaf teas unfurl (oolong) and extra fine holes prevent your fine leaf teas (rooibos, sencha) from escaping.

This teapot will let you brew 2 cups of tea (18oz/530ml) and is perfect for mornings, tea breaks at work or at home, and for your relaxing infusion at bedtime. 

This teapot will become your all-time favorite. Stock up on all the colors!

Ceramic teapot, stainless steel infuser and lid. 

stump teapot

  • Care Instructions


    Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stain as needed

  • Size

    18 oz | 530 ml