A traditional Sencha with grassy and floral notes.


Origin - Japan


Monk Esai introduced Zen Buddhism and the modern style of tea to Japan in the 12th century. Zen Buddhism and tea became inseparable and thus Chado (The Way of Tea) was developed. Tea is still the most commonly drunk beverage in Japan and a big part of its culture.

This sencha is produced in the traditional style by a passionate artisan, Mr. Sugiyama, in the Shizuoka province, the spiritual home of Sencha, at the foot of Mt. Fuji.


Profile - This traditional steamed green tea reveals a refreshing and well-balanced liquor. Its lively and vegetal taste blends with a slight bitterness and pleasant floral notes.

sencha mobata

  • Ingredients:

    green tea

  • Brewing Guide:


    2 minutes