This exquisite tea cup by local Atlanta artist Irene Yang is inspired by the Japanese Chawan and is made with porcelain, a fine-grained clay which allows for a light and delicate structure. The white color gives the cup very elegant esthetics.  

The hand painted design on the tea cup is a traditional Chinese representation of plum blossoms. The Prunus tree flowers from mid to late winter and the clear glaze represents the snow that often sprinkles the tree flowers.

The inside of the cup is glazed with pale celadon symbolizing the arrival of Spring. The special zinc-free clear glaze on the outside allows the white clay body and the colors of the tree to shine.

Each piece is made with care and is a unique piece of art.

Crackling will naturally occur as the cup is used to drink tea!

plum blossom ceramic cup

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  • Care Instructions

    Microwave and dishwasher safe.

    But we recommend hand wash!


  • Size

    8oz | 250 ml

    Diameter: 3"|8cm

    Height: 2.5"|6cm