A delicate and exquisite white tea from the Himalayas.


Origin - Nepal


This white tea is grown on the foothills of the Himalayas at 1900m/6200ft of elevation, in a small tea garden overlooking the star-shaped lake of Maipokhari, in the Ilam district. The tea grows in the midst of lush vegetation with Mt. Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak of the world as background. The owner of the tea estate, Mr. Sharav Subba is a member of STAN, Specialty Tea Association of Nepal, an association regrouping and promoting over 80 small tea makers. He applies innovative methods and is a very skilled tea artisan.


Profile - The Himalayan terroir and harsh climates result in slow leaf growth and help create complex aromas and notes of tropical fruits. This April-harvested tea contains a profusion of silvery buds and leaves that have been naturally dried. Through this long process, they have lightly oxidized into green-brown leaves. This tea offers a floral bouquet of honeysuckle and rose with finishing notes of peach and clementine while keeping a vegetal body.

nepal maipokhari white tea

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  • Ingredients:

    white tea


  • Brewing Guide:

    1 ½ tsp/cup

    3 minutes