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A full bodied and fruity Ceylon black tea.


Origin - Sri Lanka


This tea was processed at the Nahinigala tea factory in the low grown area of Ruhuna, in lush coastal plains extending to the southern edge of Sinharaja Rain Forest. The tea leaves are hand-plucked from smallholder farmers in nearby villages and only 2 leaves and a bud are used for this fine tea.


ProfileThe soil, combined with the low elevation of the estates, causes the tea-bush to grow rapidly, producing a long, beautiful leaf. It offers a fruity aromatic cup with full body and malty and sweet notes. The nuances of dried fruits and prune bring a roundness to this tea with the classic taste of Sri Lanka.

ceylon ruhuna FBOPF extra special

  • Ingredients:

    Black tea

  • Brewing Guide:


    3 minutes


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