An exceptional Assam tea full of golden tips *natural


Origin - India


This beautiful tea is one of three teas we carry from the Assam tea region in northeastern India, all made with pride by the Jalan family who are 4th generation tea growers. This tea is made on the Chota Tingrai Estate, which is located in the Tisukia district in the heart of the Assam tea region, nurtured by the Bramahputra River, and the family strives to improve the social welfare system to create a progressive, self-sustaining and strong community through different projects. Harvested from the premium leaves in June and July (the famous Assam second flush) as a small-batch tea, this FTGFOP1-CL, also called Assam Gold, is one of the elite teas of the valley.


Profile - This tea has fine leaves with an abundance of golden tips and produces a full bodied but bright coppery infusion with complex honey-sweet notes of dried fruit and the malty goodness famous for Assam teas.


*This tea originates from natural cultivation.


assam gold

  • Ingredients:

    Black tea

  • Brewing Guide:


    3 minutes